Typical start-up costs for a new business

Below is a short list of some of the necessary start-up costs that each business will most likely have to face in the initial stage of operation.


Businesses need finance to conduct business activity — turn inputs into outputs.


Irrespective of their size, scope and sector, all business organizations need accounting systems. This makes finance one of four core business functions.


Globalization has a great impact on both individual customers, business managers, entire businesses and the countries involved in international trade.


Businesses that operate internationally are able to tremendously benefit from business growth. By operating on the global scale, those firms are able to reap the benefits of globalization to become the largest companies on the planet.


International trade has plenty of potential drawbacks which need to be considered carefully by businesses and governments.


International trade has plenty of benefits which need to be considered carefully by businesses and governments.


To restrain international trade, governments around the world, have imposed trade barriers such as tariffs, quotas and embargoes.


The growth of international trade has been very rapid in the last few decades. To the extent that today all countries in the world engage in trading with other countries.

International trade has a great impact on country’s economic development, no matter which political system is in place. By trading together, countries can improve relationships which can help to resolve political differences between them.


Jerry Grzegorzek

Founder & Editor-in-chief at SuperBusinessManager.com | Head of Business & Economics | IB Examiner for Business Management

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